WORCESTER - A Valley Hill Drive man accused of hiding his deceased friend's body on his porch and misleading police investigators was back behind bars Wednesday after failing a court-ordered drug test for the second time.

Judge Bruce S. Melikian revoked Xavier Broughton's $7,500 cash bail after a hearing Wednesday afternoon in Central District Court and ordered that he remain in custody without bail for up to 90 days.

Mr. Broughton, 32, of 4 Valley Hill Drive, was arrested Jan. 29 on charges of moving a dead body and misleading investigators after police discovered the body of 27-year-old Justin Ramos beneath cardboard boxes and paper bags on a rear porch at the West Side home Mr. Broughton shares with his mother.

Mr. Ramos' family had reported him missing Jan. 9 after he failed to return home from a Jan. 7 birthday party at the Valley Hill Drive address.

Mr. Broughton told police after Mr. Ramos' frozen remains were found that he died from a heroin overdose, according to court records. Prosecutors said Mr. Broughton told investigators he panicked after being unable to revive his friend and dragged his body onto the porch.

Mr. Broughton had earlier told police he was able to revive Mr. Ramos after he appeared to be having difficulty breathing and that Mr. Ramos left his house on foot the next morning, according to Assistant District Attorney John H. Melander Jr.

The preliminary results of an autopsy later became available and indicated that Mr. Ramos died from a drug overdose, Mr. Melander said.

Mr. Broughton was initially held without bail for four days pending a dangerousness hearing requested by Mr. Melander, who told Judge Melikian Wednesday that the case would be presented to a grand jury, possibly as soon as next week.

The prosecutor later withdrew his request for a dangerousness hearing and Mr. Broughton's bail was set Feb. 2 by Judge Jennifer L. Ginsburg at $7,500 cash. Mr. Broughton's mother, Louise Wyszynski, posted the bail later that day.

As conditions of his release, Judge Ginsburg placed Mr. Broughton under house arrest with GPS monitoring and ordered that he remain drug- and alcohol-free with random testing. He was further ordered to have no contact with Mr. Ramos' family or any of the prosecution's witnesses in the case.

On Feb. 6, Mr. Broughton again appeared before Judge Ginsburg. Mr. Melander said at that time that Mr. Broughton was drug-tested upon his arrival at the courthouse that morning and tested positive for cocaine.

Mr. Melander asked Judge Ginsburg to revoke Mr. Broughton's bail and hold him without bail for up to 90 days.

Mr. Broughton's lawyer, Robert J. Iacovelli, told the judge his client denied having used cocaine since his release from custody and that he was at a loss to explain the drug test result.

Mr. Iacovelli said he had also planned to ask the court for a GPS window for Mr. Broughton so he could seek substance abuse treatment.

Judge Ginsburg said the prosecution's request to revoke bail was reasonable but that she was denying it and giving Mr, Broughton a second chance to comply with the conditions of his release. She also said she would entertain a request for a GPS window for drug treatment once the proper paperwork was brought before the court.

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Broughton was drug-tested again by probation officials and twice tested positive for cocaine, according to Mr. Melander. The prosecutor asked Judge Melikian Wednesday afternoon to revoke Mr. Broughton's bail.

"It's clear this defendant is not taking this court's orders seriously," Mr. Melander said.

Lawyer Richard M. Welsh Jr., who represented Mr. Broughton at the hearing, asked the judge not to revoke bail. He said Mr. Broughton's "drug of choice" in the past had been heroin and that Mr. Broughton adamantly denied using "any cocaine whatsoever." Mr. Welsh asked the judge to continue the matter to enable Mr. Broughton to get a blood test to show there was no cocaine in his system.

Judge Melikian told Mr. Broughton he had been given "ample opportunity" to comply with the terms of his release. He revoked Mr. Broughton's bail and ordered that he remain in custody without bail for up to 90 days.

Mr. Broughton shook his head and appeared to be fighting back tears as he was led handcuffed from the courtroom. His case has been continued to March 1.